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We have our own laboratory equipped as well, with modern techniques and facilities to test water and chemicals.

New jobs

Besides water treatment we are carrying out some other jobs as well, the brief resume of which is given below:-

Teflon non-stick coating of cylinders

When our company was functioning with the name of “Albario Enterprise”. We took off with the job of Teflon non-stick coating of cylinders during the year 1997. We have attained expertise in this job. We being the pioneer of this job are eminent for carrying out this job perfectly according to the requirement of clients. We have coated hundreds of rollers for various organizations, which are running well.

Manufacturing of Cooling Towers and R.O Plants

We started manufacturing of Cooling Towers and R.O Plants. We have setup all necessary tools and plants for manufacturing of Cooling Towers and R.O Plants and the staffs well versed with the job are available. We have manufactured numerous Cooling Towers and supplied to Pakistan Atom Energy Commission and other organizations.

Cooling Towers & R.O Plants

Similary we have manufactured R.O Plants and supplied to different organizations, which are also giving satisfactory performance.

Rubberization of Rollers

We have a separate section in our workshop, which is equipped with requisite machines and professionals of high calibre are available to carry out this job. It is a sophisticated job, which we are carrying out with modern techniques and precisely according to the laid down standards. We have rubberized scores of rollers, which are giving very satisfactory service to the clients.

Manufacturing of pipes

Now we have started manufacturing of HDPE, PPRC , PE UPVC pipes & fittings on modern machines and new techniques. We have employed professionals well versed with this job and that is why our pipes are not less in quality than the imported ones. The pipes we manufacture are lower in weight as compared to concrete pipe or galvanized iron pipe or steel pipe. They have longer life and can be used for 50 years in outdoor. So far as price is concerned, it is the same as that of nodular cast iron pipe, but life is longer than nodular cast iron pipe.


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